Why does my bank show a different amount was charged? (International Customers)

Something that is sometimes confusing for our international customers is how payments are processed and exchange rates applied. 

If the amount shown on your MyHemochromatosisHelp receipt doesn't look the same as the amount on your bank statement, rest assured, you are not being overcharged!

When browsing the store, you have the option to view product pricing in either US Dollars or as several other popular currencies.

Once you actually checkout, however, all prices are shown in US Dollars and the system does not automatically convert to foreign currency during the checkout process. 

However, once your charge goes to your bank, your bank statement may list the charges in your local currency. This is sometimes confusing and we encourage you to contact your bank to find out how they display and handle foreign transactions and currency exchange.

If you do find a problem in how our system captured payments, please never hesitate to contact us and we'll work to remedy any issue as quickly as possible.