How much Turmeric is in your cream?

Each pump/serving of Turmeric Cream contains roughly 82 mg of Curcumin.  

While this number may seem low at first compared to what might be printed on the label of an ordinary capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid preparation of turmeric, it's important to recognize that what's important is the amount absorbed and usable to the body, not how much is in the starting formula.

Turmeric absorption is significantly better through a topical application than through anything you ingest orally because turmeric is very poorly absorbed in the digestive system. How poor? Some estimates place turmeric’s absorption at only 5%!

To translate the numbers, that means that a 1000 mg oral serving may only yield 50 mg that you body can actually use.

The enhanced absorption of turmeric through the skin means much less quantity is needed to achieve your sought after benefits.